Term & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply to any catering, event planning, management, or other type of work orders, requests, estimates, and pre-orders given to M/s. Fresh Foods Caterers. Based on resources, availability, and other variables, Fresh Foods reserves the right to modify guest minimums, menu prices, menu items, and any other services or goods offered. Prices, minimum guest requirements, menu items, and other products and services may change at any moment; however, it might take some time before those changes are reflected online or in other documents. A Fresh Foods Catering representative will confirm any specific guest minimums, menu prices, menu items, and service/products offers when you discuss your event with our authority person.
  1. Payments & Advances: The customer or client will be required to pay a deposit equal to 25% of the total expected invoice amount when making a reservation or placing an order. Without the payment of the aforementioned 25% amount, no orders will be deemed accepted.
  1. Second Payment: 15 days before to the function or event, a sum equivalent to 50% of the total expected invoice amount must be paid.

  2. Final Payment Amount: On the day of the function or event, payment equivalent to 25% of the anticipated total invoice amount was made.

  3. Taxes (GST Extra): For all orders placed with Fresh Foods Caterers, an invoice is required, and a tax invoice is generated as well. Taxes, GST, and other fees are additional and will be reflected in the final bill.

  4. Cancellation: Your deposit will be reimbursed less a 25% handling fee if you cancel your planned event within 30 days of the date you booked it. Your total money is non-refundable after thirty days have passed after the booking date. Your deposit is not refundable if your event’s booking date falls less than thirty days before it. If the cancellation happens less than seven days before your scheduled event, the full event balance is your responsibility.

  5. Minimum Guarantee: Even if the actual number of people attending is less than what was specified at the time of booking, Fresh Foods Caterers will charge the agreed-upon minimum number of people while providing catering services.

  6. Non-Onion, Non-Garlic Food Specification: The client should specify if he or she prefers that there be no onions, no garlic, or both in the food preparation presented at the event function. Food including garlic and onions will be served unless otherwise requested at the time of booking, in which case Fresh Foods Caterers will not be held liable.

  7. Finalization of the Menu: The client must complete and submit the menu to Fresh Foods Caterers at least 60 days before the event or occasion. Fresh Foods Caterers asks clients to finalise their menus and submit them as soon as possible after making a reservation to avoid any last-minute rush. If the menu is not submitted on time, it may cause delays.
  1. Minimum Guarantee: Plates or number of plates used, whichever is higher, are counted towards the gross bill amount minimum guarantee.
  1. Timings: Snacks will be available for 2.5 hours after the event has begun. After 2.5 hours, we didn’t promise to bring all the goodies.
  1. Cleaning: We won’t offer any post-cleaning services in the venue or any rooms. Only after the event has begun do we clean the food area.
  1. Food Availability: If the number of attendees is more than anticipated, we cannot guarantee that there will be food.
  1. Damages: If any damages occur while the service is being provided, our team will not be liable for them.
  1. Alterations/Revisions: The client has ten (10) days before the event to make any changes or adjustments to the contract. Ten (10) days before to the function, our office must receive the final head count for private events. Corporate clients can request forward attendance up to five (5) days before the corporate event. After that date, this figure is locked in as your minimum guarantee attendance and cannot be decreased. Up to five days before the event, any increase in the guarantee number is acceptable.
  1. Catering Performance: This contract’s performance is conditioned on the Caterer’s ability to fulfil it and is subject to disagreements, strikes, accidents, transportation, and the availability of meals, beverages, or supplies, as well as other factors whether or not listed below. Obstructing or impeding the fulfilment of this agreement for reasons beyond the control of the Caterer. Any breach or partial non-performance of the agreement by the caterer shall not exceed the value of the initial payment. Except for the restoration of the referenced deposit, the caterer is not responsible for any additional losses, whether direct or indirect. The caterer is not liable for any personal goods lost or damaged on the site of your event. You are liable for any losses, breakages, thefts, or damages that occur on the property.
  1. Gate Passes: Any paid authorization, entry fees, or additional fees associated with the venue will be charged additionally or contributed by the customer.
  1. Counters/Setups: VENUE setup, which includes rental furniture, floral arrangements, LED/steel countertops, etc., is a service improvement that can be purchased separately. Rates are subject to change based on the complexity of the setup and can be addressed with our catering team.
  1. Liability: Fresh Foods Caterers retains the right to monitor and regulate all events. Waiver of Liability: The client agrees to unconditionally and irrevocably discharge Fresh Foods Caterers from any and all liability, claims, actions, or causes of action arising out of or connected with any loss, damage, illness, death, or injury suffered by any participant in connection with any food, services, staff, beverages, or rental items not directly provided by Fresh Foods Caterers.
  1. Cake: For parties with more than 250 attendees, a separate fee will be charged for cake scoring and plating.
  1. Extra Requirements: We can also offer you Janwasa, Snacks, Morning Breakfast, packed meals, etc. upon request and at an additional fee.
  1. Cooking & Method: Refined oil is used as the cooking medium; if there are any additional special requirements, please mention them while making the reservation. All commercial GAS cylinders will be used for cooking and for live counters during the event.
  1. Manpower: Although not all cooks have formal training, many have experience working at more than 5000 weddings. The majority of the service crew is seasoned and has IHM training. The chef and service workers are not members of our permanent paid workforce; they were all contracted for specific events, thus they are unable to show government identification.
  1. Judiciary: We would never intentionally do this, but any disputes would only be subject to Lucknow’s jurisdiction.
We take great pride in our food creations, if for any reason you are not satisfied; we will remedy the situation quickly and courteously.
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